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Poster Guidelines

Poster printing takes approximately three business days. Due to the high volume of posters submitted, posters are printed in the order they are received.

Expedited poster printing is not available. If your poster is completed in advance of this time period, we will contact you to pick it up early. 

The poster printer is not a photo printer.  You may incorporate images into your poster, but the majority of the poster must be text.

 All posters must have a white background.  The writing can be colored.  Text should be a font of at least 18 to be able to be read, captions and footnotes may be smaller.  Titles and column heading may be much larger, depending on the amount of information you are displaying.

Posters using the 24" paper are priced per sheet as follows:

The minimum charge for a poster is $10.

Any poster up to a size of 24"X40" is $10.

Posters between 24"X40" and 24"X56" are $15.

Posters larger than 24"X56" are $20.

For example a tri-fold poster (example below) would cost $20, as it is two posters of 24"X36".

Posters using the 36"* or 42"* paper are priced per sheet as follows:

The minimum charge for a poster is $15.

Any poster up to a size of 42"X40" is $15.

Posters between 42"X40" and 42"X56" are $20.

Posters larger than 42"X56" are $25.

*Pending Availability

Poster Printing:

We have a large format Poster Printer.  The printer allows for two different sizes of paper, 42" and 24".   One dimension of poster must be either 42" or 24".  

Examples of acceptable sizes are below (just examples - as long as one dimension is 42"):



Smaller Poster Printer, acceptable sizes and costs are below. (just examples - as long as one dimension is 24"):



The easiest way to design your poster is in PowerPoint.  Go to Page setup - under the file menu, and set the size of the PowerPoint. Remember that one dimension must be 42" or 24".  The maximum size for a PowerPoint is 56".

When you are finished with the PowerPoint - please save it as a PDF File and send us both a PowerPoint and a PDF file of the poster.  This will allow us to print the poster as it appears.  In the Save As drop-down, you will see the option to save as a PDF.

You may submit your document with a USB drive or via email:  If you want to call to confirm delivery: 973-655-5220.


If you are printing the a tri-fold poster, click here to download the template to create one in PowerPoint.  A tri-fold poster prints out over two pages.  It uses the 24" paper.

We do not provide the poster board - you may purchase it at Staples or Office Depot.  Click here for an example of a poster board that works with our template.  We have adhesive for you to use to mount your poster.  We can help with the mounting, but we do not provide that as a service.

If it is a one page poster (not a tri-fold), you may also create it in PowerPoint - be sure to go to Design, then Page Setup to size the Poster. 

PowerPoint limits you to 56". Please call 973-655-5220 or email if you have any questions.

Click here to download an example of a 24X40 Poster.  You do not have to adhere to the layout of this poster, but it has appropriate white space - and is a good example of how one can be designed.

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